1. How do you charge your fee and how much will it cost?
    (Fees vary, based on what type of forms are required for the tax return. My tax software does the fee calculations based on the forms needed to complete the return.)
  2. How long have you been preparing tax returns?
    (I have been preparing tax returns for friends and family for over 30 years, and became a professional credentialed tax preparer 5 years ago)
  3. Are you open and available year-round?
    (Yes, by appointment)
  4. Will I be receiving my refund directly (i.e. through the mail or direct deposit)?
    (Refunds should come to you directly, and direct deposit is the fastest and safest way to get your refund.)
  5. If the IRS contacts me regarding my return, will you be able to assist me?
    (The answer should be yes because you must respond if this happens.)
  6. Will you provide me with a copy of my completed tax return and return any original documents I provided?
    (Of course)
  7. Will you be signing the tax return as a preparer?
    (Yes.) May I see proof of your PTIN? (Absolutely, it is posted on the wall of my office, along with my State of Alaska business license)
  8. What professional organizations do you belong to?
    (I am a member in good standing of National Association of Tax Professionals)
  9. Do you have a professional license, credential or training?
    (Yes, I am certified by the IRS as an Annual Filing Season Preparer (AFSP). My certificate is also on the wall of my office, and I am listed on the IRS website)
  10. How do you learn about new tax laws?
    (I take Continuing educations classes in General tax law, ethics and the AFSP required continuing education. In addition company I get my professional tax software from has frequent meetings to discuss any changes to tax law during the filing season.)